Mobilizer Community Guidelines

We know that the majority of Americans are reticent to voice their opinion on political issues even though they believe that their voice carries weight. This is why one of our core goals is to provide the community with a social networking service that allows for public dialogue of political ideas minus the toxicity that so often accompanies such discussions.

To that end, we have created two types of accounts, one that is private (the Apptivist Account) and another that is public (the Mobilizer Account). As such, the ground rules spelled out in these guidelines apply to the public Mobilizer Accounts.

Your Profile

Your account must be registered under your real name. We reserve the right to delete any account at any time for any legitimate reason. When setting up your account, we advise you to be mindful of the following:

Name: Any names with unusual characters or offensive words included will be rejected or removed.

Impersonation: You are NOT permitted to impersonate another individual or misrepresent your affiliation with any person, organization or entity. In the event that another user has assumed your identity or stolen your content, please report the activity to us immediately.

Organizations: During Beta testing profiles will be limited to individuals and their personal identities. For-profit and non-profit organization profiles will be made available at a later date.

Posted Content

Apptivism is a place to discuss the merits of pending legislation. It is not a place to post verbal attacks on another individual. Stick to the ideas. We retain the right to delete content as we feel necessary. Content that will not be tolerated is as follows:

• False content that misrepresents the facts of a situation or bill. Any posts that clearly distort the facts regarding a bill will be removed and the votes attached to it will be voided.

• Product promotion, spam, fraud or any other solicitation. This service is for sharing your public opinion on legislation.

• Offering incentives (beyond the merits of your argument) for voters to agree with your opinion. For example, you will not offer a discount on services or product to any customer who shows that they voted with your opinion on a bill. Any such activity that is brought to our attention will result in the immediate removal of your post and suspension of your account.

• Intellectual Property, copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights must not be infringed upon. If you agree with another users position, then feel free to either re-share their shout (posted opinion on legislation) or quote them. If sharing the opinion of someone else that is posted outside of the service, then please provide the proper attribution and/or appropriate citations/links.

• Defaming or derogatory comments regarding another individuals person, including public figures, will not be tolerated. This includes 1) bullying, violence or the inciting of violence against another individual or group, 2) threats of any kind, both direct or indirect, and 3) hate speech regarding a persons age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

• The promotion of self inflicted abuse such as drug use or self mutilation.

• Sexually-explicit content such as pornography, abuse of a minor, and/or solicitation for sexual services or material.

We encourage you to be respectful and treat others as you would want yourself to be treated. Thank you for making Apptivism a place where opinions on legislation can be shared without the hostility that so often accompanies such discussions.

If you observe any user to be infringing upon these Community Guidelines, please alert us by email at