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Mobilizer Introduction Video

Find out how Apptivism allows you to mobilize your existing network in order to leverage real change on capitol hill.

Mobilizer Accounts are designed to be public and are accessed via the website apptivism.us.

Apptivist Introduction Video

Find out how to, in just a few minutes a day, make a difference politically, all without giving up your anonymity.

Apptivist accounts are designed to be private and are accessed via the phone application which can be downloaded for free on the iPhone App Store. Android version coming soon!


Influence Disparity

Only 10% of the population enjoys legislative representation, the other 90% do not.

A 2014 Princeton/Northwestern University Study found that no matter how popular (or unpopular) a bill is among the bottom 90% of income earners, it has a 30% chance of becoming law. On the other hand, when Economic Elites and Special Interest groups oppose a bill, they can completely shut it down, and when they support a bill, it has a 61% chance of passing.



While nearly 60% of all Americans believe that their voice can make a difference, only 9% are willing to use their voice publicly.

A 2014 Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Survey found that only 9% of Americans are willing to publicly share their political opinion by "posting online, writing to a newspaper, or calling a radio program."

A 2015 Google Study found that nearly half of all Americans (48.9%) pay attention to political issues but are "not actively voicing their opinions or taking action on those issues" and that they "associate the political aspects of civic life with conflict, shame, and negative experiences."

Economic professors Wayne Leighton and Edward Lopez explain:

"...there is an asymmetry of knowledge at work: the beneficiaries know about the policy that favors them and how to work the system to keep it going, while the people who are harmed by it usually are unaware even of its existence... Thus, we see why bad policies endure. Once in place, the interest groups that gain from them work the political system to maintain them. Opponents of the policies are seldom well enough organized or motivated to mount any serious effort at repeal."


Get the 60% working together

Apptivism is the first social network designed specifically to help activists, and their audiences, mobilize their fragmented voices into real political leverage on capitol hill. We call it a Mobilization Network.

We've accomplished this by creating two different user types: Mobilizers and Apptivists.

Apptivists are private accounts and represent the 49% of the population that want to be politically involved but don't have the time to do so and don't want to deal with the toxicity that so often revolves around political discussion.

Mobilizers are public accounts and represent the 9% of the population who actively research and voice their opinion on political issues.

Aggregate Anonymous Voting Data is gathered, broken down by district, and made available to the public.

How It Works


Apptivists follow Mobilizers they trust. When a Mobilizer comes across a bill that they believe is important, they provide a brief explanation (called a Shout) as to why they support/oppose it and post that opinion on Apptivism.us.


Every Apptivist who follows that Mobilizer receives that new Shout in their app feed. Apptivists read the opinion, review opposing opinions from other Mobilizers, and support the opinion that they agree with in the form of an anonymous vote, all within a matter of minutes.


Opinion statistics on every bill are filterable down to the district and made publicly available. This data is used to show Representatives what their own constituents think on any given piece of legislation.


Representative votes on legislation are also tracked in the app, allowing app users to compare their private voting record to that of their constituent's public voting record. This enables the users to instantly asses whether their representatives are voting in line with them, or not, and makes it easy to cast an informed vote based on record, not rhetoric, in the coming election.

In Depth Explanation

Review this PowerPoint for a more in depth explanation as to how Apptivism helps solve the complicated problems mentioned above.

Feature Walkthrough

Watch this video for a full walkthrough of how Apptivism works. This video was made when we were operating under the old working title of The People's Voice.

Whether you're a full time activist, or a stay at home mom, Apptivism is designed to help your voice count on Capitol Hill.

Join Apptivism today and help us make government representative again.